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Dear Business Builder,

Congratulations! You’ve just made a decision that's put you miles ahead of your competitors. 

Because you’ve just gained access to a free report that introduces one of the most powerful business growth strategies on the planet. 

And I’m so confident that YOU can succeed using the full strategy… I’d like to give you $1,000 to prove me WRONG!

My name’s Craig Ballantyne. I run Early to Rise. 

We use a unique and powerful combination of tools and strategies to help our clients go from 6 to 7-figures fast. And add an extra $1,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 to their bottom line... in a matter of weeks. 

Even better? Because our systems are holistic (meaning they're focused on lifestyle and balance, not just revenue), our clients are able to achieve these results while working 10, 20, even 30 fewer hours each week. 

So if you're stuck working ungodly hours in a business generating at least $10K a month, we can help you get to $20K, $30K, or even $60K... 

... While having more time and more freedom than before. 

Would you be interested in that? 

Here’s how It works.

First we’ll review your business, spy on your competitors, and dive into your ideal customer, sales processes and goals with you.

Then, based on what you tell us, we’ll give you a step-by-step growth plan... completely FREE!

We do that using…
As Seen In

The Exact Proven Strategies and Systems We've Shared With 1,000s of Happy Clients and 260+ Millionaire Entrepreneurs 

From Joel Marion, Founder of the $100MM/Year supplement giant Biotrust Nutrition. 

To Bedros Keuilian, Founder of the $50MM/year Fit Body Bootcamp Franchise (one of the fastest growing franchises in America). 

To Sharran Srivatsaa, the former President of the $3.4BB real estate empire Teles Properties. 

We've helped dozens of 9-figure+ entrepreneurs and countless small to medium size business owners increase their income, work less, and build their perfect lives.  

Unlike most business coaching and consulting companies, our systems aren't based on "theory" or "good ideas" we ripped off from other gurus or experts. 

They're based on 20+ years of experience scaling businesses to the 7-figure level in dozens of niches. 

In other words... they just plain work. 

We won't waste your time with "branding" or "exposure."

We aren't going to show you how to get more views or 'likes' or followers. 

Everything we teach is hyper-focused on driving tangible measurable results (that you can actually take to the bank). 

Even better? 

Instead of simply "telling" you what to do (I promise, you'll never hear us say, "Hey, just go build a webinar!") 

We'll give you the exact word-for-word scripts, email swipes, copy templates, ad frameworks, and swipe and deploy systems so you can plug them into your business... 

Edit a few words to make them congruent with your offer... 

And launch them within hours or days (not weeks or months) to get fast results. 

Because of this, many of our clients are able to generate a 100%, 200%, or even 500% ROI on their investment with us in a matter of weeks. 

How Would You Like to Achieve Results Like THESE in YOUR Business?... 

I Want to Give you a $1,000 Custom Consultation, Completely FREE!

There’s no catch.

Right now you can book a complimentary strategy consultation with one of my Business Growth Strategists. 

Individuals who are professional entrepreneurs and consultants I've hand picked to help me supercharge our client's businesses fast.

Let me be clear: It's up to you what you want to do with the strategy they'll give you. 

There's 0 obligation to work with our business. 

In fact, there's no guarantee that we'll even offer you the opportunity to work with us. 

We're very selective about the clients we partner with because we believe that the measure of our success is the success our clients are able to achieve. 

So if we don't think we can get you amazing results, we'll politely let you know that it isn't a good fit and refer you to someone in our network who can help. 

This strategy session is completely on the house and, I promise, we aren't going to call you at every hour of the day trying to hard sell you on our services after we're done. 

We only want to work with people who understand the value that we have to offer and are ready to invest in it. 

If you’re not ready for that, let's not waste each other’s time. And if you’re not sure…then the fact you’re still reading this means you recognize what we could achieve working together.

Either way, the worst outcome for you is $1,000 worth of free business growth advice with one of my strategist…

Check Out These Amazing Results From Clients Who Already "Jumped In the Deep End" and Decided to Partner with Us 

"When I first heard about Craig's coaching, I was a skeptical... But since I took the leap and started working with him, I've built four businesses to the 6-figure level. Not only that, but now I'm able to make more and work less which has been a game changer!" 

Chase Gibson, CEO Lords of LinkedIN 
"When I started with Craig, I was at the $10-$15k/month mark, working 15 hours a day. I realized I was working a lot, but working on the wrong things. Now, I'm getting more done in less time and making more than $300K a month" 

Frank Den Blanken
Founder, Frank Den Blanken PT
"Four years ago when I first met Craig, I was making literally $0 as an entrepreneur. Then Craig helped me make my first 6-figures as an entrepreneur, then multiple 6-figures, then 7-figures, then multiple 7-figures. Now I have a team of 15 and he's helping me get to the $5MM mark this year!" 

Zander Fryer, Founder of High Impact Coaching 
"I was skeptical of Craig's ability to help someone running a multiple 7-figure business, but I could tell early on that he just got it. It's only been four months and I've completely overhauled my team and processes... saving me so much time and money. If you're on the fence about joining the program, get off it. I doubt you'll find a coach out there who's as dedicated to your success as Craig." 

Boris Schrenzel, CEO of Better Life Media & 

“Hey Craig! When I started with you last year I was doing $10K per month... but now I'm going to have my first $30K month. Thank you so much for your coaching.”

- Nic Korvessis, KorvessisX

“I broke $150K in sales this month! And I also had 100% compliance to my schedule this week. Looking back, I was struggling with my schedule so much before coaching with you. But I broke sales records this month and still worked out more than ever – all while stopping nearly every day at 5:30.”

- Frank Benedetto, 
“Craig, thank you for giving me advice on starting my own sales branch for my IPO shares company. It started off slow but things have picked up. I’m going to make over $30k commission off of my reps this month alone! That doesn’t include my own sales! At the current pace, I’ll easily do over a million in commission this year. In February alone, I have already surpassed my entire annual fire department salary. Unreal! Thank you for all your help and guidance!”

- Sal De Paola 
“Craig, your coaching has helped boost my sales consulting business! Just last month we did over $17/K in sales, and we’re growing each month. Your advice and introductions to new clients have made a huge difference, and your accountability and advice have been absolute game-changers. And you’ve also helped me become a better leader so that I can work less. Thank you so much!”

- Mark Evans, Sales Blueprint Guru

This 45-Minute Call Could Be Worth $5,000, $10,000 or Even $50,000 Over the Next 12 Months 

Here’s how it’ll work:

First, after you fill out your details on the next page, we'll take a look at your business before we get on the phone. We'll look for any low hanging fruit we can use to help you find the "hidden money" that's already in your business. 

Then, based on the goals and obstacles you share with us, we'll help you develop a customized business growth plan specifically for you... FREE!

This plan will show you how you can add an extra $1,000 to $5,000 to your bottom line almost immediately, as well as highlighting a few longer term strategies you can use to hit massive scale over time. 

Again, there's no charge for this and it should only take about 30-45 minutes for us to walk through together. 

And everything we'll go over is targeted to your specific business. 

Once we've done this, we'll help you come up with a step-by-step action plan to immediately increase your profits while working fewer hours than ever before. 

And there are dozens of ways we might do this for you. 

For example, we might teach you the peak performance productivity routines that allow our top clients to accomplish more in 2-hours than most do all day. Or we might show you how to crank out thousands in hidden profits from your email list, pivot your offer to attract more raving fans, tweak your copy to skyrocket conversions, or improve your follow up to double or triple the value of each lead that comes into your business. 

And yes... you really do get all of this for FREE! 

So if this sounds good to you and you're ready to get started... 

... Here's what you need to do next.

1) Click the button below and fill out the application on the next page. 

It's simple and easy and designed to give us everything we need so we can serve you at the highest possible level. 

2) Book a time to talk with one of our Business Growth Strategists. 

And then show up to the call on-time, prepared, and ready to take your business to the next level. 

I am 100% confident that we can transform your business, profits, and life and that's why I'm putting more than $1,000 of our company's resources on the line to prove it to you. 

So click that link. And we'll see you on the inside. 

To Your Success, 

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