For CRAZY BUSY HIGH PERFORMERS Looking to Get More Time, Money,
and Success and Develop Unstoppable Discipline in their Life and Business… 

The Simple 4-Step System that Took Me From a Broke, Burned Out, Binge-Drinking Personal Trainer to a 7-Figure Entrepreneur 

(In Less than 12 Months)

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WITHOUT crazy “hacks,” extreme sacrifices, or listening to angry social media gurus insult my “commitment” or “hardness”...

There’s a NEW approach to discipline that allows you to develop LASER LIKE focus and FOLLOW THROUGH on your big goals and dreams… automatically 

A system for beating procrastination for GOOD so that you effortlessly finish every important project on time, every time. 

A system you can use to go from feeling lazy, unmotivated, and even overwhelmed to becoming THE MOST DISCIPLINED person you know… in as little as 30-days.
I know all of this might sound “too good to be true,” but if you’ll read this letter all the way to the end… 
… I’ll show you that it’s not only possible, but -- when you have the right strategy -- it’s actually easy. 


… Let me ask you a quick question. 

Why is it that some people seem to be able to “do it all.” 

  • Having unwavering focus on their most important projects and making consistent progress every single day.
  • Operating with unstoppable follow through -- if they start something, they finish it every time.
  • Effortlessly beating procrastination, demotivation, and laziness and attacking their big goals every day… no matter how many hours they slept, or how much they “aren’t feeling it.”
  • Balancing ALL of the important areas of life… staying healthy and fit well into their 40s, making plenty of time for their spouse and kids, and growing their business to new highs every single year.

While others spend months, years, even decades stuck in the mud?

  • Getting side tracked by shiny objects, social media, and dumb distractions even though they know they won’t drive the results they’re after in their life or business.
  • Giving up on important goals and projects (even when they’re 3 feet from gold) and jumping from workout to workout, strategy to strategy, and routine to routine without sticking to any of them. 
  • Taking action only when they “feel like it” (which is maybe 10% of the time) and allowing their fleeting emotions to stand in the way of their success.
  • Achieving success in one area of life at the expense of every other area (sacrificing their marriage or health to grow their business or struggling to build the business/career they want because they’re juggling a spouse and kids).
After more than 20+ years of asking myself this exact question… 

Working with hundreds of clients… 

Reading thousands of books… 

And investing well over $1MM of my own money in coaching, masterminds, and expensive courses. 

I discovered that there IS an answer to this question. 

But that answer might surprise you. 
Hi, I’m Craig Ballantyne, author of the best-selling books The Perfect Day Formula and Unstoppable, CEO of Early to Rise, and Creator of the Turbulence Training Fitness system.

Today, I’m lucky enough to coach some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs on the planet. 

All the way from CEOs of billion dollar empires to NYT best-selling authors to Hollywood actors. 
Right down to your everyday entrepreneur looking for their first big break and busy single parents trying to balance the demands of work and family. 

I’ve helped people just like you build their first 7-figure business, grow their income from $10K a month to $300K a month, and even add an extra $10MM a year to their top line. 

But I’m not saying any of this to brag. 


 For every successful client I worked with there were 10 other people who attended my conferences and retreats who didn’t achieve the results they were after. 

Even though I have helped hundreds of clients achieve incredible results (ridiculously fast). 

I’ve also met hundreds - and maybe even thousands - of seminar attendees who have spent months and even years spinning their wheels in the mud. 

And no matter how many million dollar systems I showed them… 
Or how many times I walked them through the exact strategy they needed to scale… 

Or literally handed them my word-for-word swipes that have generated tens of millions of dollars across dozens of industries… 

… Nothing changed. 

Their income stayed stuck at the same level month after month. 
Their stress and overwhelm continued to pile up. 

And it seemed like the harder they worked, the worse their results got. 

More often than not… 

They would end up accepting failure and saying to themselves:

“I just can’t do it! Maybe I’m not cut out for this…”

And every time I saw this happen it felt like I was failing them as a coach. 

They paid good money to work with my team and me… 

… But they weren’t getting the results they came for. 

And I’ll be honest… the more I saw this happen, the more it ate away at my soul. 

Why was it that I could give two clients the EXACT same system… 

And one of them would experience almost immediate results. 

Creating explosive growth in their business… 

Earning an extra $5k, $10k, or even $20k in as little as 7-days… 

Slashing 10, 20, even 30 hours off their work week… 

Having the time, freedom, and income to live life on their terms each and every day… 

While the other person would struggle to add even $1,000 a month to their bottom line or take weekends (and Fridays) completely off? 
I knew it wasn’t intelligence… 

Some of my most successful clients are college dropouts who will readily admit that they have a “below average” IQ. 

It wasn’t connections or money… 
Most of the clients I help start with a similar income and have the exact same access to our network of world-class achievers… 

And it sure as heck wasn’t time… 

It’s not like my successful clients found a magic trick to live on 26 hours a day. 

And the more I saw this story play out with the clients I helped, the more frustrated I became. 

I would lie awake at night wondering: 

“Where am I going wrong? What am I missing? Why can’t I help them?”

The more I asked this question, the more I became OBSESSED with finding the answer. 

Because the thing was… 

I KNEW my systems and strategies worked. 

Everything I teach is based on 20+ years of experience and generating more than $20MM in revenue (while still having time for my fiance, puppy, friends, and fitness). 
I practice every single tactic and strategy I preach in my own business. 

And it wasn’t like I was sharing some special “secret” or “weird tool” with my successful clients that I kept hidden from the rest. 

So I knew that the STRATEGIES couldn’t be the problem either. 

Which meant that there was something deeper… 

… There was an “X Factor” the top performers I worked with had that the rest didn’t. 

And I was determined to find it. 
I spent months interviewing my clients and mentors, listening more closely than ever before to the way they talked about their habits, routines, and mindset… and more importantly… to the hidden scripts that drove everything they said and did. 

And what I started to notice was as profound as it was simple… 

The “winners” I worked with faced the EXACT same challenges, doubts, and adversity as everyone else… 
In many cases, when they first started working with me, they were facing even GREATER obstacles than everyone else:
  • Filing for bankruptcy 
  • Facing multi million dollar lawsuits 
  • Foreclosing on their home 
  • Having their business shut down overnight by new regulation
… But the way that they RESPONDED to those challenges was wildly different. 

What I realized was that EVERYONE faces the same challenges. Whether they’re financial, professional, relationship, or personal. 

But some people get stuck and struggle for YEARS while others simply sail through. 

What I found even more surprising was that everyone I worked with was looking for answers. 

But the people who got stuck asked very different questions (and looked for different answers) than the ones who succeeded. 

They were looking for the TACTIC to fix their lead generation, the silver bullet to solve their sales problems, or the crazy new #hardcore routine or complicated app to help them be more focused and productive. (Sound familiar?) 
Credit where credit is due… at least they were LOOKING for answers. 

Truly “average” people rarely take this first step. 

So the simple fact they were willing to admit that they had a problem and were trying to fix it put them leagues above 90% of the population. 
But the heartbreaking reality is that this step wasn’t enough. 

Because no matter how good their intentions might have been.. they were playing the game ALL WRONG. 

And even when they found the answers to the questions they were asking, nothing changed.
  • They would find the “perfect” lead gen strategy… but jump to the next shiny object before they ever made it work for their business.
  • They would get the perfect sales script… but allow fear of failure and rejection to stop them from putting it into practice.
  • They would get a world-class productivity routine… but fail to implement it on a consistent basis.
No matter how good your strategies are … how killer that new swipe file is… or how b.a. That new routine might be… nothing will change until you address the giant pink elephant in the corner. 

The strategies, tactics, and routines aren’t the problem... 


Sounds harsh, I know. 

But it’s the truth. 
You’re wearing “Golden Handcuffs” that hold you back from success.

The reason that some people are able to thrive during the worst economies… overcome insane obstacles… and achieve in months what takes others years has almost nothing to do with their strategies, tactics, or routines.  
As Tony Robbins says:

“Success is 80% mindset and only 20% mechanics” 

It’s because they’ve developed a simple 
but incredibly powerful skill.

The Skill of

Effortless Discipline
Let me give you an example of what life can look like when you learn to develop and apply the skill of effortless discipline.
A few years ago, I was in Chino Hills, California visiting my good friend Bedros Keuilian. 

Today, Bedros is one of the top entrepreneurs around, running a $90MM a year franchise called Fit Body Boot Camp that’s become one of the fastest growing franchises on the planet (he also runs a few 8-figure side businesses “just for fun.”) 

But back then… Bedros was like many of you are today.
He was stuck and struggling and standing in the way of his own greatness. 

His business was bleeding profits. He was gaining weight (which isn’t exactly the best look when you’re an entrepreneur in the fitness industry). And he was struggling to make time for his wife and kids. 
I still remember sending him a text around 7PM asking him what time we were going to hit the gym the next morning. 

When he responded,
“Can’t do the gym tomorrow dude, gonna be working until about 12PM.”
I fired back. 
“Just get up earlier man. There’s no way you should be working that late.” 
And that’s when the other shoe dropped.
“Chill out Craig, I’m just not a morning person like you.” 
But I wasn’t having it. 

Bedros is a busy guy. But I’d worked with entrepreneurs who had way more on their plate than he did and I knew his excuse was b.s. 

More importantly… I knew that working all night wasn’t a part of the life he wanted to live. 

He has a wife and two kids… and literally burning the midnight oil was stopping him from being the husband and father he needed to be. 

It also meant that he wasn’t showing up as the leader his team needed him to be (after 20+ years as an entrepreneur I’ve discovered that overwork and overwhelm are always the result of broken systems and poor leadership). 

So I challenged him on his belief and shared the 4-step system I’m going to teach you in just a minute. 

At first, he didn’t buy it. He used genetics, his to-do list, and his personality as excuses for why he couldn’t develop more discipline and get up earlier to create the life he wanted.  

But I eventually wore him down and he agreed to give it a shot. 

The system I taught Bedros wasn’t like the #hardcore discipline challenges you’re probably familiar with. 

I didn’t tell him to join the 4AM club, exercise 2X a day, cut out all sugar, and start his morning with 3-hours of reading. 

Instead, I helped him focus on the low hanging “Keystone Habits” that would have the biggest net impact on his life. 
Within a week, he was almost working “normal” hours and finishing his work days by 7 or 8PM. 

Within a month, he was waking up early everyday… without an alarm… and regularly knocking out his MIT (Most Important Task) to-do list before 10am so he could hit the gym before lunch. 
And today, almost a decade later, Bedros is one of the most disciplined guys I know. 
He trains like a beast. Leads like an Elite Operator. 

Protects family time with his life (he and his wife Dianne haven’t missed a date night in years). 

And lives his perfect life. 

This is the difference between effortless discipline and average performance. 
And even though the changes I helped him make seemed subtle… almost too small to work at the time… the results were nothing short of incredible.

Five Differences Between
Effortless Discipline and Average 

Five Differences Between Effortless Discipline and Average Performance

There are a few key differences between people who use Effortless Discipline and those who settle for average performance. Not just in the way that they act. But the way they think about discipline, motivation, and success. 

You tell me… which one would you prefer?
  • Getting Started: 

Average Performers

“I don’t know what to do. This project is so complicated and every expert is saying something different.” 

People With Effortless Discipline

“I don’t know all of the steps I’ll need to take to achieve this goal, but I can get started today and take the first action that will bring me closer to the life I want.” 

  • Following Through:

Average Performers

“Ugh! This new project is so tedious. I’m burned out and bored… besides, if it hasn’t worked by now, it’ll probably never work. Maybe I should just move on to [insert new shiny object]

People With Effortless Discipline

“I’m feeling a little bit stuck, but that’s ok. I know I can figure out how to make this work. I started this project for a reason, and I’m going to make sure I find a way to complete it.”  

  • Feeling Unmotivated:

Average Performers

“I’m just not feeling it today. I’ll wait until I’m more motivated to keep working on this project.”

People With Effortless Discipline

“I’m not feeling it today. And that’s fine. I’m going to do what I can, put my butt in the chair, and get to work anyway. My feelings don’t dictate my actions. My values, vision, and goals do.” 

  • Saying “No”:

Average Performers

“I know that I said I wouldn’t [drink, eat sugar, smoke cigarettes, scroll social media, etc.] but I really feel like I need this right now. It’s just one time, right?”

People With Effortless Discipline

 “I said “no” to this and I meant it. I know it might make me feel good for a moment, but being in integrity with myself feels better than any distraction or vice ever could.” 

  • Overcoming Challenges:

Average Performers

“This is so hard. If only I had more time/a better boss/more money/better connections/more resources, then I would be able to do this.”

People With Effortless Discipline

“Setbacks like this are just a part of life. But I know that if other people can overcome this challenge, so can I. I just need to build the right systems to make this easy and take small but consistent actions every day."

It’s not just that some people are “born” more disciplined, focused, and motivated than others… 

It’s that the best performers in the world understand the mental game of discipline. 

They’ve put in their “reps” and developed the skill of doing what they say they’re going to do and following through on their goals and dreams…. On time, every time. 

And make no mistake… it is a skill. 

If someone who spent his early years gaming, drinking, procrastinating, and lazing around (that’s me!) can develop effortless discipline… 

… So can you. 

But to do this, you need the right system. 

You need a proven strategy to help you go from “average” to “exceptional” from someone who has already “Been there, done that.” 

And that’s exactly what I’m offering you today. 


Become an Elite Performer, Develop Unstoppable Drive and Follow Through, and Unlock Your Full Potential.

Forget about the crazy 75-day challenges and hardcore influencers screaming at you to “Get some!” 

Effortless Discipline will dispel all of the myths and self-help hype around discipline and teach you the practical tools, mindsets, and frameworks required to become an elite performer and unlock the next level of success, fulfillment, and follow through in your life and business. 

Before I explain exactly what this program is and how it can help you transform your life fast. 

Let me first explain what it’s NOT. 

Here’s what you aren’t going to find inside of the Effortless Discipline program. 
  • Dumb and unhelpful platitudes like “Just do it!” or “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, that’s when you’ll make it.”
  • Ridiculous challenges -- think cold showers, 2X/day workouts, or crazy morning routines -- that distract you from your biggest priorities and goals. 
  • Workaholic advice telling you to “Just put more hours in” even though you’re already working 60+ hours a week. (Because I don’t believe that working yourself to death is the same thing as discipline).
  • “One size fits all” systems that don’t work for real people dealing with real challenges in the real world (Guess what? Discipline looks different for busy parents than it does for single folks and it’s different for entrepreneurs than it is for students, freelancers, and corporate ninjas). 
Instead, when you invest in the Effortless Discipline system, you’ll be getting access to universal psychological tools, frameworks, and methods you need to go from “stuck” to “ahead of the curve”… 

… Concepts based on the core principles of success and high-performance psychology

Inside of this program, you’ll be given access to the exact tools, tactics, and techniques I share with my $30K/year clients.

It’s a Dead Simple, Step-by-Step Training That Can Be Completed in Just 10-15 Minutes a Day

  • Revealing the exact mindsets and mental scripts elite performers use to accomplish “impossible” goals in record time. 
  • Detailing the exact habits and psychological tools I use to beat procrastination, destroy laziness, and follow through on important projects without fail. 
  • Giving you the exact systems you need to become the most disciplined person you know and beat your bad habits, distractions, and temptations for good. 
If you take this training seriously, in as little as 30-days, you could be accomplishing your biggest goals… automatically. 

Even better? You’ll be having fun while you do it. 

Here’s a Quick Sneak Peek of What You’re 
Going to Get and How It’s going to Work

Discover and define what effortless discipline looks and feels like for your unique lifestyle, goals, and personality. 

In this module, you’ll discover: 
  • Why almost everything you’ve ever been told about discipline is completely wrong and how “Navy SEAL” style discipline can actually prevent you from achieving your big goals. 
  • How a simple philosophy from Ancient Greece can help you unlock your unique version of Effortless Discipline. 
  • Case Study: What “8-Figure Discipline” looks like and how to develop the mindsets and habits of elite achievers with ease. 
  • The “PR” strategy for making discipline automatic and overcoming your biggest temptations, obstacles, and bad habits. 
  • What the “$3.4 Billion Man” taught me about developing effortless discipline (and why it’s much simpler than you think it is).

Accomplish 2-3X as much in half the time by mastering the lost art of “success through subtraction.

In this module, you’ll discover: 
  • The “Yes Trap” that stops high-performers dead in their tracks and keeps them stuck in the mud for years. 
  • How giving up can actually increase willpower, motivation, and focus (and how to do it the right way step-by-step). 
  • Case Study: How my friend Vince was able to 3X his income by shutting down two 7-figure businesses and subtracting his way to success. 
  • How to leverage “Environmental Psychology” to make discipline easy and eliminate the need for willpower.
  • What “Scout Sniper Discipline” looks like and how mastering a small handful of habits can accelerate your success and fulfillment in every area of life.

Unlock the exact systems and techniques top performers use to make discipline easy, fun, and automatic.

In this module, you’ll discover: 
  • The Japanese philosophy that one of my most successful clients used to sell more than $40 million of products before the age of 30. 
  • Case Study: How my young friend Jason went from a broke pothead living in his parent’s basement to a millionaire in only 12 months. 
  • How to prevent burnout, overwhelm, and laziness by leveraging the concept of “Positive Constraints”.
  • The “Tape Measure Trick” to beat procrastination for get started on those overwhelming projects you’ve been putting off for weeks or even months. 
  • How to turn your laziness into a strength and use the power of “MRRs” to sustain peak performance and prevent burnout. 

Create unstoppable systems and structure to ensure you’re taking action and following through no matter how you feel or what obstacles you’re facing. 

In this module, you’ll discover: 
  • The “Daily Check In” that separates the mediocre masses from the 1% of elite performers.
  • Case Study: How my client Zander applied the principles from this module to not only build a $4MM/year business, but find and marry the love of his life after years of being single.
  • How to use the “Public Nudity Principle” to automatically follow through on your big goals and beat bad habits for good. 
  • How to discover the REAL cost and benefits of your habits and projects by leveraging the high-performers “Secret Weapon.” 
  • The #1 fastest way to develop effortless discipline without relying on willpower, crazy challenges, or psychological hacks. 
This program is designed to be completed at your own pace and you’ll have access for LIFE. 

Meaning you can learn these systems on your time and implement them whenever you feel ready. 

The program also comes with action steps for each module so you’ll know exactly what you need to do and when to do it to make sure you never feel lost or left behind. 

By the end of the first module… My clients and students were experiencing less stress, overwhelm, and burnout than ever before. 

After two weeks… their confidence, follow through, and focus increased more than they ever believed possible. 

And by the time they finished the course… they felt like they were finally living up to their full potential and actually BEING the person they’d always wanted to be. 

And if you take this program seriously, you’ll be amazed by the changes that can happen in just a few short weeks. 
  • Friends and family will beg for your secret and ask “What the heck are you taking?”
  • Clients and colleagues will scratch their heads in amazement, asking, “What happened to YOU!?” 
  • And the people you look up to will start to see you as “One of their own” because you’re living up to their level and accomplishing more than ever. 
But even more important than THAT… 

Is the fact that you stand to reclaim your sense of confidence, respect, and self-belief. 

Instead of:

  • Procrastinating on important projects and digging yourself into a deeper and deeper hole every day.
  • Beating yourself up for being “lazy” and “unmotivated”. 
  • Chronically starting new workouts, business strategies, hobbies, and personal development programs.
  • Feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and trapped by your bad habits and limiting beliefs.


  • Beat procrastination for good and learn how to take consistent action on your most important projects every single day. 
  • Reclaim your sense of self-respect and unlock a new level of performance… because you’re showing up and doing the work (whether you feel motivated or not)
  • Finish every new project, workout, and strategy you start (no matter how hard it is or what obstacles arise)
  • Feel confident, calm, and in control because you have simple systems and strategies to do what needs to be done no matter what. 

So now let me ask you… 

So now let me ask you… 

Are You Feeling that Little Tingle of Excitement in Your Chest Thinking About What’s Possible When You Unlock YOUR Effortless Discipline?


Because there’s a 99.8% chance this system is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. 

It’s easy to follow. 

Instantly actionable. 

Wickedly effective. 

And designed to be customized to YOUR unique situation, goals, and lifestyle. 

Forget About the “Old Ways” of Discipline and Success

If you’re sick and tired of being told to “Just do it!” 

Feeling like you have to work yourself to death to feel disciplined… 

And starting a million and one different 30-day challenges that promise to turn you into a goal crushing machine (only to give up on them because they don’t actually work for people who don’t have 12 hours a day to complete that challenge).

This is the solution you’ve been waiting for. 

It’s a proven system for developing effortless discipline in every area of your life. 

And you can use it to get the edge in: 
  • Your business or career 
  • Your family and relationships 
  • Your health and fitness 
  • Your spiritual practice or community 
  • Your personal projects and hobbies 
  • Your habits and routines 
I won’t pretend that this won’t take work or that I’m offering you a “magic bullet” to instantly solve all of your problems. 

You’ll still have to put in the effort to apply these systems and strategies in your life. 

But if you do… 

… You’ll discover that developing discipline can not only be easy

But FUN!

And because I’m serious about helping you unlock the focus, follow through, and discipline you need to have the life you want… 

I decided to pull out all of the stops and include:

3 Awesome Bonuses to Help You Achieve Effortless Discipline -- Even Faster

A Digital Copy of My WSJ Best-Seller Unstoppable

If the “New 20s” haven’t been what you were hoping for… and you’re looking for a step-by-step solution for getting rid of crazy anxiety and overwhelm all high-performers are facing. 

This book is the blueprint you’ve been looking for. 

I detail the exact process I followed to go from a burned out, hyper- anxious, “Miserable Millionaire” who regularly checked into the ER with crippling panic attacks… 

… To beating my anxiety for good and living the life of my dreams. 

The "Best of" my Millionaire Monthly Newsletter

Want to get the exact “Insider Secrets” that the top 1% of my network and I use to get more done, grow our wealth, and achieve a lifestyle most people can only dream of? 

Well this is your chance. 

In my private monthly newsletter, I reveal the very best of what I’m learning right now, along with cutting edge tactics, strategies, and word-for-word systems to help you earn more, work less, and live your perfect life. 

And when you join today, you get access to the all time best issues of my Millionaire Monthly Newsletter. 

The “Millionaire Time Matrix” Productivity Training

Did you know that there are 4 questions millionaires ask themselves that other people don’t? 

These can be the difference between earning millions … and a mediocre income. 

I go through these exact four questions in detail in my advanced training and show you how to use them for yourself to earn more while working less. This is normally reserved for my $25K/day coaching clients but as a new member of the Effortless Discipline program.. 

… You can get instant access for free! 


FREE 45-Minute “Implementation Call” 
($997 Value)

The first and likely ONLY time this will ever be offered…

When you join Effortless Discipline you will receive a private booking link to schedule a 45 minute 1-on-1 coaching call with one of our top coaches.

This call is designed to make sure you’re able to implement these disciplined habits in your daily life.

You’ll receive personalized coaching to help you get quick wins…

And step-by-step instructions to guide you through any unique challenges that might otherwise hold you back.

When You Unlock Effortless Discipline, Achieving Your Big Goals and Dreams Becomes Simple and Automatic 

But before you join, I need to issue a very important disclaimer. 

Even though we’ve done our best to make Effortless Discipline as accessible and universal as possible, it’s not for everyone. 

So before we go any further, let’s be clear on who this program is and is not for. 

Effortless Discipline is NOT For You If… 

  • You’re looking for a magic bullet that will solve all of your problems overnight.
  • You’re stuck in your way and aren’t willing to consider new ways of solving problems and achieving your goals.
  • You aren’t willing to invest in yourself (both financially and energetically) and put in the time to complete the program 

Effortless Discipline IS for You If…

  • You’re willing to admit that the way you’ve been doing things isn’t working and you know that there’s another level of success, accomplishment, and fulfillment you can reach with the right systems and strategies. 
  • You’re sick and tired of jumping from shiny object to shiny object and are ready to go all in on a proven system to get more out of yourself and your life. 
  • You struggle with procrastination, distraction, and overwhelm... and want a clear and proven system to overcome the challenges facing you in your life and business. 
  • You know that you need more than “Just do it!” and you’ve tried every 30-day challenge, crazy routine, and weird trick in the book… only to find them lacking. 
  • You know that YOU are the “missing link” to your success and that the strategies, tactics, and hacks won’t work until YOU become the type of person who can make them work.
If that sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. 

And today, you have the opportunity to join what our clients are calling, “The most effective transformation system on the planet.” 

Completely risk free. 

Our “Good Money” Guarantee: Try Effortless Discipline for a Full 60-Days 100% Risk Free

I’m a big believer in the idea that “My money is good money.” What I mean is that I believe you should only pay for products, services, and solutions that actually do what they claim they’re going to do.

Which is why I’m willing to take all of the risk out of your decision and put it on my own shoulders. When you join Effortless Discipline today, you have a full 60-days to not only go through the program, but to implement what you learn and start to see the results for yourself. 
Try the entire program. Heck, you can go through it a few times before you decide. And if you don’t LOVE it and experience the transformation you’re after, then I don’t want a single penny of your money. My team will refund you 100% of your investment no questions asked. 
This means that there’s 0 risk to you and absolutely nothing to lose. 

Either you get what you came for (which will be work 1,000X the price of this program), or you don’t pay. 

It’s that simple. 

So with that out of the way, I want to invite you to join the Effortless Discipline program…

This special pricing of only one payment of $297. 

I want this training to be accessible to anyone who needs it. 

And even though I could easily charge $997 or even $1,997 for this training (and it would be worth every penny - after all, how much would you pay to get rid of the bad habits holding you back from a stronger marriage and healthier bank account - for LIFE). 

… I don’t want money to be the reason you continue to stay stuck and struggling and falling so far below your real potential. 

And again, if you invest in the program, put in the work, and don’t experience an incredible transformation in the next 60-days, you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked. 

Sound like a deal? 

Now This Letter Is Ending And
You Have A Choice 

Right now, you have a chance to get lifetime access to the Effortless Discipline System and unlock a program that will allow you to:
  • Go from stressed, overwhelmed, and burned out to being able to calmly and confidently achieve your biggest goals. 
  • Beat procrastination and laziness for good so you can follow through on your big goals and dreams automatically.
  • ​Go from feeling lazy, unmotivated, and “behind in life”, to disciplined, on fire, and ahead of the game.
  • Access a personalized system for developing unstoppable habits and routines that will support your success and lifestyle no matter what your goals are.
Right now, you have a chance to get lifetime access to the Effortless Discipline System and unlock a program that will allow you to:
  • Effortlessly conquer your worst habits and vices and achieve freedom from the things that have held you back for years.
  • Experience the confidence and satisfaction from actually doing what you say you’re going to do and following through on your most important projects.
  • Accomplish more in a week than most people do in 90-days and experience the “Effortless Discipline Time Warp” where you’re achieving your biggest goals on auto-pilot.
  • Unlock the time and freedom to not only dominate your business or career, but to step up as the leader you were meant to be in EVERY area of life.

You can also choose not to invest. 

And continue doing exactly what you’ve always done (and getting what you’ve always got). 


If that’s your choice, there’s no shame or judgement here. 

But I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t point out one very important fact. 

You’re here RIGHT NOW reading THIS part of this letter for a reason. 

Something in your life is NOT working… 

And if you could have fixed it on your own, you’d have already done it. 

So please… 

Give me the opportunity to help you. 

To give you the systems, strategies, and frameworks you need to live up to the potential you’ve always known you have…. Completely risk free. 

Because no matter where you are right now or where you want to be.

Effortless Discipline and all the bonuses I shared above are your roadmap to help you get there.

It sure was for me.

To Your Success,

Craig “The World’s Most Disciplined Man” Ballantyne.

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